The Cycle Continues

When another form of fear takes over you, tell yourself that this is a sign of change and evolution. If you can look back at the most challenging mentally, emotionally or physically moment of your life, it means you had and still have the strength to confront other obstacles.

When fear strikes again: breathe.

When your heart never ceases to race: breathe.

When your muscles are on the verge of becoming sticks of wood due to the immense amount of tension: breathe.

Breathe, breathe and breathe.

I will never tell you enough:

Let the air visit your lungs.

Inhale reality a bit more.

Inhale life like before.

Let the light in again.

A beautiful world resides behind your fear, the secret path is in the bigger picture.

You are not confined in darkness. Only, you refuse to see the light.

I know the solution is not that clear in your mind, especially when your thoughts do not belong to you.

Still, gather your strength and crawl, but never stop moving.

You will overcome this again.

I believe in you.


-Kalia Cee