B eing a student in a performing private high school has never been easy. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty difficult. Between achieving our personal goals and not being behind our classmates, it isn’t rare to feel like we are in a constant fight with our pride and dignity related to the superior education standards. After working hard for a grade, we once thought ‘’great’’, all its value comes crashing down once we realize we’re below average or friends.

After spending 4 years at this prestigious school, I came to a realization:

No grade could ever define the depth of our intelligence.

The number you see on your paper is not your reflection. There are too many factors explaining why you scored less than you expected. Maybe you didn’t sleep well, or you read the question too fast.

You may have difficulties, but it doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you human.

The stratagem to not fall into the vicious cycle of overthinking our missteps and sinking into the profound waves of low self-esteem is to remember the concept of the game we are playing.

Life isn’t a line going from A to Z. It’s a zigzagging path where you get lost at J, return to E and perhaps find out that Z is a pointless destination.

We are all going to fail at some point. It’s inevitable. The real challenge is not “succeeding’’ or “failing’’, it’s never giving up and fighting for the things you want.

Therefore, I refuse to think otherwise:

You’re not a failure in a room of geniuses; you’re simply learning like the rest of them.



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